My Husband is Not the Man I Thought I MarriedBy Terri Broome Something happens in almost every marriage a short time after the ceremony. Most women (and men) think, “That’s not the person I thought I was marrying.” He said he was a Christian. Now he doesn’t go to church, much less pick up a Bible. Or better yet, he goes to church and everyone thinks he is wonderful, but they wouldn’t recognize the man
Hurt People Hurt PeopleBy Terri Broome I had a rule in our home as the children were growing up. You couldn’t talk about a family member unless they were present in the room. I grew up with a huge amount of distrust of people in general. I thought people were talking about me because I grew up in a home where people were freely talked about. I saw people being spoken to kindly and then
If I’m Saved, Why Am I Powerless?By Terri Broome You probably know the name, Dwight L. Moody. He was a great success as an evangelist in 1871. His tabernacle drew the largest congregations in Chicago. But according to Moody’s own estimate of those years, he was a “great hustler” and his work was being done largely in the energy of the flesh. Two humble Free Methodist women used to attend those meetings and sit on
The Greatest Power on EarthBy Terri Broome “A Communist officer told a Christian he was beating, ‘I am almighty, as you suppose your God can be. I can kill you.’ The Christian answered, ‘The power is all on my side. I can love you while you torture me to death.'”  ~ Richard Wurmbrand Everything in the life of a Christian is meant to bring us to one place; love. To get to that place and
Would You Want Your Son to Marry a Woman Like You?By Terri Broome I stood in my kitchen and looked at my husband sitting on the couch as I got ready to take our three small children to church. I loathed him as I thought to myself how spiritual I was and what a spiritual failure he was. I asked him a question so I could make him feel small, not to get an answer.
Calling Without Character will Kill YouBy Terri Broome Judy Garland was the child star of the Wizard of Oz. Her voice and talent have never been in question. She was born to be a star. However, she became famous way before she was a fully developed woman. She was shoved into her calling without the character she desperately needed to survive. She was only 13 years old (such a tender age for a girl) when
Difficult Circumstances: God’s Chariots of Fire to Take us HigherBy Terri Broome How there could have been any pleasure in the sight of these stick-thin legs and hunger-bloated stomachs I could not imagine. Surely there is no more wretched sight than the human body unloved and uncared for. “Nor could I see the necessity for the complete undressing: when we finally reached the examining room a doctor looked down each throat, another–a dentist presumably–at our
My Greatest FearBy Terri Broome In the Old Testament, we read of a king named Saul. God chose him to be the first king of Israel. The prophet Samuel anointed him and prophesied about his immediate future. He told him minute details of the next few hours and then said something amazing. The Spirit of the LORD will come powerfully upon you, and you will prophesy with them; and you will be changed into a
A Painless Path to GloryBy Terri Broome Enough about me, let’s talk about you. What do you think about me? ~Steve Brown I often eat lunch with people and I love it. When someone has problems, victories, or just needs a shoulder to cry on, I will often meet them for lunch. Sharing a meal and sharing our lives with each other is a gift from God. There’s something about it that brings two people
What Does God Eat?By Terri Broome I’ve had that title in my head for a long time because I thought it may get you here; reading or listening to this blog. One of the many incredible blessings of seeking God through His Word is something called, “revelation.” The Bible can be read by anyone and understood on a surface level. However, God Himself will do something for each of us when He decides to. We
Why Do We Have a Body?By Terri Broome How many women (and some men) have we seen in Hollywood who start out beautiful and end up looking freakish? Why? They couldn’t take aging and so they went to the plastic surgeon…over and over again. What started as a nip and a tuck often ends up looking like a Halloween mask. We get old. We sag. We wrinkle. We gain weight (that’s a choice, but it
Let Me be a WomanBy Terri Broome Imagine with me a majestic horse galloping across an open field. Her mane is flowing, her muscles rippling and she is a sight of pure beauty as she operates within her element. Now imagine that same horse swimming in the ocean. She looks panicked and clumsy. Her mane is wet and sticking to her as she fights to survive in a hostile environment for which she was not