"What Mask are You Wearing?"By Terri Broome I vividly remember the day on my front porch as I was thinking, “What will people think?” It was a small thing that produced an internal conversation in my mind with God, but it changed the entire way I looked at life from that moment on. We all have an atmosphere we grew up in. The atmosphere in my home wasn’t terrible, it was just always about presenting
Suffering - The Gift Nobody WantsBy Terri Broome “It is doubtful whether God can bless a man greatly until he has hurt him deeply.”  A.W. Tozer How many people do you know that stay calm, cool, and collected in the middle of superheated circumstances. I don’t mean the fake kind of calm that’s waiting to get home and fall apart or kick the dog, I mean calm to the very core. “Heat and pressure force
"The Purpose of Pain"By Terri Broome We have all watched the news or a documentary and wondered how God could allow some of the stuff we see in the world. I used to wonder that about my own childhood. I felt like I couldn’t overcome some of the unfair things that happened to me as a little girl. I didn’t want to have children of my own when I got married because I thought childhood
One of the Greatest Compliments We Can Give GodBy Terri Broome When my son, Scott, was preparing to go away to college I told him I wasn’t going to miss him at all. He replied, “I would never believe that no matter what you say.” Why was that his first reply? Why didn’t he say, “Mom, how could you say that?” I know the reason (besides I was joking). He knows I love him with
"Why in the World Would I Pray for My Enemies?"By Terri Broome Jesus and His Words. Oh, if we took the time to really ponder the depth of the things that came out of His mouth. God took on human flesh and came to this planet. His Words are recorded for us. We should read them and let them sink deeply into our psyches. Every word He said was a hundred percent truth from another
"Parenting Is No Joke Pt. 2"By Terri Broome My children had a bedtime of 9:00. I told them, “Mommy is nice until 9:00, after that, I  make no promises. You better get in bed.” That’s kind of funny but it was pretty much true.  Let’s be honest moms. We need some time at the end of the day to eat some ice-cream by ourselves or just stare at the wall without “ma, mama, mom, mommy.”
"Parenting is No Joke"By Terri Broome We’ve all been to the grocery store and tried our best to get out of earshot of the child throwing a temper tantrum because he or she can’t have something they want. The helpless mother is embarrassed and red-faced because the child doesn’t care about anything but getting its way. Ultimately, for the peace of everyone involved, the child gets what it wants and all is well in the
"Could Violence Really be the Answer to All our Problems?"By Terri Broome What if I told you I’ve found an answer to many of the problems in the world today? We shake our heads in shock and disbelief as our senses are overwhelmed with the violence in the world today. We turn on the news and see riots, explosions, anger, hatred and chaos. I think we all want to stop up our ears, shut our
"Don't Tell Anyone What I Just Did"By Terri Broome One of the many reasons I believe the Bible is the fact Jesus says over and over again, “Don’t tell anyone what I just did.” In other words, “I Am” was saying don’t tell anyone how great I am.   He raised a little girl from the dead. And he strictly charged them that no one should know this, and told them to give her something
"IF We Turn Back, THEN Our Healing Will Come"By Terri Broome Yes, IF you call out for insight and raise your voice for understanding, IF you seek it like silver and search for it as for hidden treasures, THEN you will understand the fear of the LORD and find the knowledge of God. Proverbs 2:3-5 If is on me. Then is on God. I went through a horrible time recently. I had no idea what
"The Truth About My Failures"By Terri Broome I went to school for nine months to learn how to become a hairstylist. Ben Carson is a retired neurosurgeon. It took him about fifteen years of higher education to learn how to operate on the human nervous system (especially the brain and spinal cord). I work on the outside of the head, he works on the inside of the head. Is it really that different?   A bad haircut is
"The Only Thing God Ever Stole"By Terri Broome “Fear makes us live in the land of “What if?”” Fear is the most dominating emotion on the planet (can I get a witness?). When we are full of it, our minds get completely hijacked. It has the ability to make us irrational, subservient to people we don’t even like, full of stress and anxiety, lower our morals, and very needy. Fear makes us live in the