God’s Doulos (Slave)By Terri Broome “Jesus made Himself less than a doormat.” “God doesn’t expect me to be a doormat.” When I hear that phrase, I cringe. So much is wrapped up in that mentality. The main word it conjures up in my mind is “entitlement.” Jesus made Himself less than a doormat. A doormat only gets feet wiped on it. It only gets dirty. Much worse happened to Jesus… by choice. Who, being in
Be an InfluencerBy Terri Broome Our lives are not lived alone. We influence everyone around us for good or bad. What we sow into lives will be reaped long past our physical lives. “Soon I will be dead and you will be too. We can’t control that fact, but we are in complete control of the influence we leave behind.” I used to have a timeline from Barnes and Noble that looked like a book
Heart Surgery that Fixes the TongueBy Terri Broome “Just as a tube of toothpaste, when squeezed, pours out the contents within, a human, when squeezed, pours out the contents of their hearts.” Have you ever been in a fight and hurtful words start pouring out of your mouth? After calming down, you said something like, “I was just mad, I didn’t mean any of that.” According to the Bible, that’s not true. Just as a
World Changing WombsBy Terri Broome So many women who gave birth to great men of God were barren in the Old Testament. God opens and closes wombs. He decides when a little life will be formed in that sacred place. Look at this list: Abraham and Sarah (Isaac’s mom) Isaac and Rebecca (Jacob’s mom) Jacob and Rachel (Joseph’s mom) Elkanah and Hannah (Samuel’s mom) Zechariah and Elizabeth (John the Baptist’s mom) “I wonder if when
"It's a Good Thing I'm Not God"By Terri Broome “I don’t want you to think badly of my husband,” said a woman to me as she was preparing to tell me some unpleasant things about him. I reassured her with these words, “Don’t worry, I can’t think worse of human nature than I already do.” Nothing people do (including myself) surprises me. We are a bad lot. All of us. When any of us want
How a Prostitute Got Her Picture Hung in the Hall of FaithBy Terri Broome Can God use a woman with a past? Can God use a woman who walks the straight and narrow? Can God use a woman born on the wrong side of the tracks? The better question is, “Who can’t God use?”  The answer is, “God can use anyone on the planet to get His will done. If we are not a vessel
The Secret Way to Get Everything We NEED from GodBy Terri Broome We all have a deep need to be seen. Let’s just admit it. It’s a God-given need in every single one of us.  “Jesus often used the lives of children to teach us deep truths about how we should live.” Jesus often used the lives of children to teach us deep truths about how we should live. Children are very honest about how
Trust What God Says Over What You See I Dare You!By Terri Broome “We have a soul that can relate to God but our soul is wrapped in flesh and the flesh has cravings and often speaks so much clearer and louder than the truth.” I love the way God speaks to us earthly creatures in scripture. Spiritual things are very hard for us to wrap our minds around because we are flesh and blood.
The Crazy Ways of GodBy Terri Broome I went to Charlotte, NC the other morning to be with and pray for a dear friend before her surgery. I left home a little early to be sure I wasn’t flying in last minute. I wanted to be a calming presence. This precious very young mom (twenty-six years old) was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and I was one of the first people she called. We have been
Dreads and DesiresBy Terri Broome What the wicked dreads will come upon him,     but the desire of the righteous will be granted. Proverbs 10:24 As I have read scripture over the years, I see a theme. Wicked people do the opposite of what God says because they fear His will and His control. They dread many things and in an effort to circumvent the will of God, the very thing they dread comes upon them. “Because of
For the Sake of Your Children, Get to Know GodBy Terri Broome “Those two words should never go together (miserable and Christian), but more often than not, they do.” I counsel people often that are miserable. These people are usually professing Christians. I used to be a miserable Christian. Those two words should never go together (miserable and Christian), but more often than not, they do. I want to speak directly to those of us
Zip Your Lips; It Will Change Your WorldBy Terri Broome Whoever restrains his words has knowledge, and he who has a cool spirit is a man of understanding. Proverbs 17:27 “Listen up everyone reading this, nobody likes to be around someone who talks all the time.” God’s ways are so opposite our ways. Who but God could say a person who is full of knowledge will not talk much? I mean, if we know a