Why Do We Have a Body?By Terri Broome How many women (and some men) have we seen in Hollywood who start out beautiful and end up looking freakish? Why? They couldn’t take aging and so they went to the plastic surgeon…over and over again. What started as a nip and a tuck often ends up looking like a Halloween mask. We get old. We sag. We wrinkle. We gain weight (that’s a choice, but it
Let Me be a WomanBy Terri Broome Imagine with me a majestic horse galloping across an open field. Her mane is flowing, her muscles rippling and she is a sight of pure beauty as she operates within her element. Now imagine that same horse swimming in the ocean. She looks panicked and clumsy. Her mane is wet and sticking to her as she fights to survive in a hostile environment for which she was not
Our Greatest (and most unlikely) TestimonyBy Terri Broome                                                                                                                                      
No One Can Stop Faith; Not Even JesusBy: Terri Broome In 1985, Jim Carrey wrote himself a check for ten million dollars and put it in his wallet. He dated the check for 1995.  In the memo it says, “For acting services rendered.” At that moment, he was a 21 years old man with no money. He was sitting in his broken down Toyota, parked on a hill overlooking Hollywood. As a young person, his
Anxiety-Are We Destined to Live With It? By Terri Broome All little children have one thing in common; they don’t know how to worry. They are so dependent on the people around them, they don’t realize they are dependent. Their normal is to simply live and let the day unfold. They don’t worry about yesterday. They don’t worry about an hour into the future. They live in the moment and their minds are uncluttered. Jesus
The Reason I Have Not Had an AffairBy Terri Broome Someone came to me the other day and asked me if I had anything in my past that would come back to haunt me in ministry. I wanted to say, “Have you heard my testimony?” I’m pretty honest about my “slutty mcslut slut” days. But I didn’t. I simply answered the questions about whether I had ever had an affair or an emotional affair. I
God is Not Safe, But He is GoodBy Terri Broome Anyone who knows me knows I love The Chronicles of Narnia (children’s series) by C. S. Lewis. Mr. Beaver is one of my favorite characters and he delivers one of my favorite lines. The little girl, Susan, is very concerned about meeting Aslan. She thought he was a man but found out he was a lion (Aslan is actually a portrayal of Jesus in the
Moms, Stand Firm at Your PostBy Terri Broome I read a children’s story called “The Knights of the Silver Shield.” I was knee deep in raising my own children and it spoke volumes to me. Long story short; the silver shield given to each knight was cloudy at the beginning. As the knight would fight battles and his bravery increased, the shield would get more and more shiny. Only the bravest knights ever achieved a
Why Your Hubby No Longer Hurries HomeBy Terri Broome Remember how it was when you dated? You couldn’t wait to see each other. You made sure your makeup was on and your legs were shaved. You wanted to be beautiful for the one who made your heart pound. You gave him compliments. You couldn’t keep your hands off of each other. You made him feel like he was the most important man in the world;

February 4, 2021

Faith Is…

Faith Is...By Terri Broome Someone told me through tears that their son said he didn’t believe in God. He is a grown man now, but what sent him to atheism was the fact he begged God to not let his mom and dad split up when he was a boy. He had truly believed God was able and willing to fix his family but after all his tears and prayers, they went their separate ways
Can We Really Love Like Jesus?By Terri Broome Paul had a little bit of a death wish. The poster child for robust Christianity said something very strange but since it made it into scripture, it deserves a look. If I am to live in the flesh, that means fruitful labor for me. Yet which I shall choose I cannot tell. I am hard pressed between the two. My desire is to depart and be with
Pretense-The Root of Our MiseryBy Terri Broome I have always maintained that one of the reasons Jesus enjoyed perfect sanity and peace (besides the fact He was the Son of God) was because He always told the truth. Think about it. He walked through every day without pretense, always saying exactly what He wanted to say. There were no hidden motives in Jesus and not an ounce of deceit. “He committed no sin, and no